Learning to Build

Learning to Build

I have dedicated hundreds of hours of my time, producing dozens of in-depth, detailed videos to help new builders such as yourself. Take a look: Just ‘Cuz Robotics Guides and Tutorial Videos

If you want some quick info as to what this sport is all about, start with the video above!

The Witchdoctor Junior YouTube video series is, I believe, one of the best starting points for a new builder if you have no real robotics building experience. It is geared a bit towards kids for their summer program, but it's perfect for anyone who is just getting started. This is by the Witch Doctor Battlebots team!

Other resource guides referenced here:

Check out the Robot Combat Wiki for a searchable index of useful information!

This should be the go-to in the future when it is more filled out.

Robert Cowan’s Resource Guide has a lot of overlap with this information presented here. He has a lot more commentary on the information/sources/services provided that you may find valuable. 

Peter Garnache of Repeat Robotics put together this excellent resource guide of his own. This one is Beetleweight centric. 

repeat guide cover

Building Your First Robot - Guides

Beginner: Arizona Robot Combat Guide

Beginner: Instructible by Greg Needel of Switchback Battlebot

Beginner: Bristol Bot Builders UK-centric guides to lower weightclasses 

ADVANCED: Riobotz Combat Robot Tutorial

Beginner to Intermediate: Just ‘Cuz Robotics Guides and Tutorial Videos


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