Policies & FAQs

Returns and Replacements

My items were damaged or lost in shipping, or are dead-on-arrival. What can I do?

Returns for DOA or lost items will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please send us an email describing the issue and we’ll work to resolve it as soon as we can!

I purchased a product and installed it in a robot, and it got damaged. Can I get a replacement?

Due to the destructive nature of combat robotics, all products are considered consumable, so we do not offer returns of any used items. However, care has been taken to price items affordably and keep them in stock, to make them easier to replace on short notice.

I want to return an unused, brand new, functional product

Unused items that are not damaged can be returned, though the buyer must pay for return shipping. Returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please send us an email to discuss the process.

I received fewer items than I ordered. What should I do?

Sometimes mistakes happen! Just send us an email containing proof of purchase (screenshot of the receipt/confirmation preferred) and a picture of the items you received, and provide your mailing address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did all the beautiful images and videos on your site come from?

Every video and product image was taken by Seth himself with a smartphone, GoPro, or Sony camera, or rendered in Fusion 360. Most action shots from fights were taken and posted online by JCRB Photography.

Where is Just ‘Cuz Robotics located?

Just ‘Cuz Robotics operates out of southern New Hampshire and makes frequent appearances at East Coast US combat robotics events.

How can I leave a review about a product?

Feedback is welcome! Unfortunately, we don’t support product reviews at the moment. Just shoot us an email to let us know what you think. Positive customer testimonials may get published directly on the site!

I’m interested in reselling your products in my own store. Can I buy wholesale?

We are open to wholesale offers, especially from international distributors. Currently, we are distributing mainly within the US, and international shipping is often quite expensive. We are unlikely to accept offers for US domestic wholesale, in an attempt to keep prices affordable for builders.

Can you design a custom PCB for my own store/kit/robot, etc?

Product design can be a lot of work and designing a board from scratch will usually take at least a few hours. Commissions for board designs start around $40/hour. If you need high enough volumes to make it worth paying for development, feel free to send an email describing what you want to be made!

I heard you offer 3D printing services… I need some parts printed. Can you help?

We offer small-scale 3D printing services. Parts can be printed with engineering materials like Alloy 910 Nylon, Carbon-Fiber Nylon, TPU flexible filament, and more. Click here for details!

Can I pay you to do CAD work for me?

As with PCB design, CAD work can take up a ton of time. We strongly encourage people to learn to design their bots themselves. Fusion 360 is a free CAD program in which every bot pictured here is designed (yes, even Bloodsport!) There are plenty of free online tutorials to help learn to use it.

Will you make a special modification of a product just for me?

Modifying existing products on a per-customer basis is not likely to be offered as it would require a large time investment. However, if you are looking to order a large volume that will all need the same modification, send us an email and we can discuss.