Introducing: SSP Robot Kit

The SSP Combat Robot Kit is designed to be the perfect introduction to the world of combat robotics. And not only is it great for beginners, but with full CAD files available to modify as you please, and a base kit weight of only 2.25 pounds, you can add additional armor, weapons, and make it your own.


  • SSP Combat Robot Kit

    SSP Beetleweight Robot Kit

  • DartBox Gearmotors

    DartBox Gearmotors

  • Motherboard - RX, BEC, Switch and More

Meet The Team

Seth Schaffer: Owner, Managing Director

Division: 3lb

Beetleweight Massive Vertical Spinner

Mini Mulcher: 1lb

Antweight Overhead Horizontal Spinner

Shrapnel Mine: 3lb

Beetleweight Saw/Front Flipper

Shameless Self Promotion: 3lb

Beetleweight Lifter, Beta SSP

Hear from our customers!

“The way you don't hesitate to go into detail about your mistakes and failures makes things very relatable and makes the whole idea of jumping into the sport seem more feasible. I finally went back and started a new design in February 2021. I grabbed data for benchmarks for Smee, Saw Loser, and Division. It really helped me understand how to properly package the internals of my robot…

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and information” — Jeremy

”I think you have single handedly shown hundreds of people that they too can participate by providing them with your knowledge. Hell, I was one of them. You are an absolute critical player here and I greatly appreciate all you have done to help the community.” — Daniel

”Wanted to give you a shout-out for all the work you have been doing as far as expanding your product line and YouTube videos. They have been helping me as I'm entering into the robotic combat scene. Keep up the great work” - Chad

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