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10cm Servo Jumper Cable - for AIO PD Boards

10cm Servo Jumper Cable - for AIO PD Boards

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10cm Female to Female Connector JR Plug/Servo Connector Cable

These will plug directly into the pins on any standard RC receiver and allow connections for Signal (white) 5V (red) and GROUND (G, GND) wires. Connect this to one of our AIO PD Boards to power a receiver off any power source from 6.5V up to 32V. If your receiver has a port/channel labeled “BAT”, this would be the ideal spot for it, but it will work on any channel as the red and black wires are all connected inside a receiver.

This is a FEMALE connector that accepts MALE pins spaced 0.1” or 2.54mm apart.

If your receiver doesn't power on with the PD board connected to a battery and the switch on, you probably need to flip the connector on the receiver side. The AIO PD Board connection is reversible.

Receiver and PD board not included

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