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22mm Motor Mount Plate V2 (Pair)

22mm Motor Mount Plate V2 (Pair)

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Looking for a way to mount your DartBox motors? These lightweight and strong aluminum mounting plates will be just what you need!
Laser cut from lightweight 6061 aluminum, these mounts are just perfect to secure the face of nearly any standard 22mm planetary gearboxes! Works great for DartBox V1 and V2 (square gearbox). 

Weight is under 5.9 grams (0.21 oz) for Two (2) plates plus Eight (8) M2 mounting screws! Gearmotor not included.

CAD model here!

Included in each purchase:

  1. Two (2) Aluminum mount plates
  2. Eight (8) M2 Alloy Steel mounting screws
  3. One (1) 1.5mm hex wrench

These mounts are compatible with:

  • DartBox Drive and HR Gearboxes
  • Servocity Premium Planetary Gear Motor
  • Rectified Robotics Brushless Gearmotor
  • Botkits 22mm DC Gearmotor
  • Most ‘Ebay Special/China Special’ 22mm Planetary gearboxes


Chassis Attachment Options:

  • #6-19 Plastite screws recommended for mounting to most rigid 3D printed parts, UHMW, or HDPE chassis
  • #6-32, #8-32, or M4 machine screw may be used with threaded inserts, through holes, or tapped holes
  • Through holes with a retaining nut (and washer if needed) can work well for TPU or softer plastics
  • Plates can be countersunk easily to work with flathead screws as well, and can mount from the inside or outside

Older V1 CAD here.

Motor mount plate V2 diagram

Customer Reviews

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Aidan V
My wheels took a direct hit from a horizontal and the mount was still in great shape.

10/10 would recommend for beetle-weights as a lightweight yet strong option.

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