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2306.5 1000kV Just 'Cuz Edition Brushless Motor

2306.5 1000kV Just 'Cuz Edition Brushless Motor

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Perfect for Single-Stage Beetle Drive and Higher Voltage Systems!

Division and Shrapnel Mine both used off-the-shelf 1700kV 2306 motors for drive, but they are way faster than needed for that drive style, with a top speed of over 30mph. Recently many others have been copying this drive style, and probably have the same exact issue. So I spent a while looking for a lower KV alternative. These 2306.5 motors are a drop-in replacement for the XING E-Pro 2306 motors I was using before. I have been testing them out, and they work quite nicely. Division Drive test using 2306.5 1000kv motors. Don’t forget to pair with the custom 11T pinion gears and MR30 connectors!

3D Model Available Now! Updated for this motor 12/28/22

Additional Info


  • 35.8 grams with stock long wires
  • 18.1mm long mount surface to flat face (within 1mm of Xing 2306!)
  • 28.8mm diameter (Slightly smaller than the Xing 2306!)
  • 14mm long, 5mm steel shaft, approx 9mm M5 threading
  • Voltage: 3S - 8S (11-33V) with appropriate ESC
  • Bolt pattern: 4X M3 threaded holes on a 16mm bolt circle

The specs are not precisely known due to this being a custom motor, but you should use a 30-35A or greater rated ESC and expect a continuous current draw of up to roughly 26 amps maximum at 6S.

Note: I don’t currently sell any brushless ESCs compatible with this style of motor but you MUST use a compatible brushless ESC. I strongly recommend 35A BlHeli_32 ESCs for these as that’s what I have been using to great success so far. HakRC works amazingly, ReadyToSky works just as well, and when back in stock you can get Rectified Robotics 35A ESCs (Literally just the ReadyToSky ones) pre-programmed for drive that should work perfectly. BlHeli_S is twitchy and uncontrollable as you cannot limit acceleration or have percentage-based braking, only on or off.

Estimated Specs (red) based on known values (black) for other kV options of the same model/size motor.

Based on this math, expect 24-26A maximum continuous current at 6S.

Note: actual current draw and torque are highly dependent on your exact ESC and configuration, battery, voltage, and loading.

kV vs estimated current at 6S

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