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Big Boi PCB Switch V2

Big Boi PCB Switch V2

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Built-in Precharge Button!

The Just ‘Cuz Big Boi PCB Switch is perfect for hobbyweight bots or any other application that needs 90+ amps of power! While our beetleweight switch was tested to deliver 30 amps continuous for 5 minutes, this switch has been engineered for more than 4 times the current throughput and should survive over 120 amps of burst current. Anything that won't melt an XT60 is fair game! 

Big Boi V2 adds a highly requested feature - precharge! Large capacitors and ESCs that contain them can charge extremely quickly with a quick burst of current - with DC switches this often causes arcing, a visible spark, and damage to the contacts of switches. The V2 design features a momentary button switch that when pressed allows a small amount of current to flow through a resistor bank, slowly charging these capacitors, to minimize damage to the switch. Simply hold the button down for a couple of seconds, then tighten the screw to turn your robot on permanently. Do this each time your bot hasn't been powered on for more than 15 minutes. 

Please make sure to solder around the insert nut on the side opposite the screw before using it to ensure a good electrical connection between the nut and the board!

This switch has traces over twice as wide and copper layers twice as thick as our beetleweight PCB Switch but operates exactly the same. The only limitation is heat - this switch will operate perfectly until it reaches a temperature of over 90C (194F). It's designed to produce less than 5 watts of waste heat at 100 amps. 

Features and specs:

Features and specs:

  • Footprint of 30mm x 30mm, just 1.6mm thick at the board
  • Max Voltage: 32V (8S)
  • Weight: <8 grams without wires/connectors
  • M3 or #6 screw through-hole mounting locations
  • Massive solder pads on the rear for easy flat connections
  • Plated through-slots sized for #12 and similar wire (smaller or larger gage is still super easy to use)
  • Included and preinstalled M5 tin-plated press nut (solder this to the surrounding copper to create better surface contact!)
  • CAD files available here

drawing big boi

WARNING: The top and bottom of the board have exposed copper regions that, if in contact with a conductive surface, can short-circuit and bypass the switch. Ensure you use a nonconductive spacer between this and a conductive plate! The two provided mounting screw points will not electrically connect to the circuit. 

While this PCB is designed to safely operate inside a combat robot, it may get very hot. Touching it during, or shortly after operation, can result in serious burns. In the unlikely case where you have difficulty turning off the switch while it is hot, waiting 30-60 seconds for it to cool should resolve the issue.

Testing a robot with an active spinning weapon should never be done while maintaining a line of sight with the robot. Ideally, you should be testing inside an enclosed box or arena with at least 1/4" thick polycarbonate windows or top to see through, and 1/2” or thicker plywood or MDF construction. Operation (Including testing) outside of a suitable arena or test box could cause serious injury. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you are responsible for the safe use of this product and that Team Just ‘Cuz Robotics or its employees are not liable for any injuries or damages.

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