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Flanged Head 6mm x 8mm Alloy Steel Shoulder Bolts, 4 Pack

Flanged Head 6mm x 8mm Alloy Steel Shoulder Bolts, 4 Pack

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Custom Made Shoulder Bolts for Blade Mounting and More!

These bolts are perfect when paired with the JCR-4935 motor, but useful for a range of other situations!

These bolts are perfect for shock-isolated blade mounting onto the JCR-4935 motor in concert with a 3D Printed TPU sleeve. The extra wide 13mm flanged head allows for the use of a thick TPU sleeve around the shoulder. The shoulder also allows the bolts to be tightened down without clamping the heads against the blade, so the blade can slide freely to decouple from the motor can. This means less shock transfer into the motor and a lower chance of damage from a huge hit! 

Features a short thread length to avoid damaging coils of the 4935 motor like a standard bolt would. For readymade design examples of this use case and the bolt CAD model, click here to download free models of several blade designs and TPU sleeve. 

The minimum ultimate tensile strength of the Grade 12.9 Metric Bolts is about 1242 Mpa or 180,000 PSI, making them the highest grade of bolts produced, about 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel.

These shoulder bolts have a precision ground bearing surface and are perfect for use with 6mm inner diameter bushings, bearings, and more.

  • Shoulder Diameter: 6mm (actual 5.928-6.00mm)
  • Shoulder Length: 8mm
  • Head Diameter: 13mm +/- 0.2mm
  • Head Height 3.8mm+/- 0.2mm
  • Thread: M5x0.8, 5.7mm length max
  • Drive: 3mm Hex (Same as M5 flat-head and button-head screws)
  • Weight: ~5.56g (0.196oz) each

Intended for blades no more than 8mm (0.315 in) thick, with TPU or metal spacers taking up the extra height of thinner blades. 
4935 motor and blade pictured for reference, no motor or blade included. 

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