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DartBox Motor Breakout PCB, Four (4) Pack

DartBox Motor Breakout PCB, Four (4) Pack

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Get these for FREE with any 4 DartBox motors!

DartBox Breakout PCBs allow directly attaching this PCB to the rear of a motor can to make for tight right-angle wiring, protect the fragile copper tabs, and even allow a capacitor to be added to reduce electrical noise (optional).

Capacitors used should be Surface Mount, 0805 package size, between 1 and 100 nanoFarads.

Weight: 0.865 grams each, 1.73 grams (0.06oz) per pair (averaged over 20 pcs)

Sold in sets of four (4) PCBs for the listed price. These will fit the new DartBox V2 custom motor options and should fit on any Out Of Darts motors as well. CAD model here.

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