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Budget 15A Dual Brushed ESC (BETA)

Budget 15A Dual Brushed ESC (BETA)

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Perfect for DartBox Drive gearmotors and any other brushed beetle drive solution! This ESC is able to power two independent DartBox gearmotors for a powerful, nimble robot drivetrain (or even four or more motors in some applications). This ESC has configuration options that can be changed via your transmitter. (Default is mixing enabled, braking disabled). And weighs in at just 22 grams with a smaller footprint than a Tarakan!

Note Some batches require mixing be disabled by bridging the INDEPEND pads on the board, others can be disabled via the radio. Recent ones as of 2024 should all have working radio disable. 

NOTE: unlike the Tarakan this does not have a low voltage cutoff so you must be mindful of your battery charge yourself while using this. 

Latest user guide here (Work in progress)

CAD Mockup available here



  • Input voltage: 9V - 18V (2S to 4S LiPo battery)
  • Channels: 2
  • Motor type: brushed
  • Maximum continuous current per channel: 15 amps
  • Reversible: yes
  • Braking: yes (optional)
  • Mixing: yes
  • PCB size: 30 x 49 x 8.5 mm [CAD Mockup available here]
  • BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit/regulator): +5V 1 amp maximum regulator (Do not use servos with this! Receivers are fine.)

Note about the Capacitor

Most Beta ESCs have shipped with a small, green, 16V rated capacitor. ESCs shipped after September 2023 will have a 25V capacitor preinstalled. This may not be necessary to use for 3S systems but is recommended for 4S as the fully charged voltage is above 16V.

Power input - Black / Red with 18AWG silicone wire and XT30U Connector!

Signal input - 2x “Dupont” style servo leads. Connect a receiver or other controller. The connections are color-coded:

  • Black - Ground
  • Red +5V (BEC / regulator output)
  • Yellow - M2/Steering input (CH1 if mixed)
  • White - M1/Throttle input (CH2 if mixed)

Normally these are connected to channels 1 and 2 on an RC receiver. The internal regulator can supply power to the receiver.

Motor output - connect wires and/or connectors of your choice to connect two brushed motors. These should accept the voltage supplied and have a maximum stall current of 15 Amps each. 

Usage - See the user guide!

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