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FS2A Radio Receiver (AFHDS-2A Protocol) for Combat Robots

FS2A Radio Receiver (AFHDS-2A Protocol) for Combat Robots

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The Best Little Receiver for Your Next Bot!

At just a couple of grams, this little receiver is perfect for small combat bots! It will fit just about anywhere and has proven reliable in combat for years. This will work with Flysky FS-i6, TGY-i6, and most other modern FlySky radios. It also binds with all 4-in-1 or multiprotocol radios (like the Zorro and many other Radiomaster models), just choose FlySky AFHDS-2A as the protocol.
CAD Model Here (GRABCAD, no pins) or Click Here for my modified version with pins

Weight: 2 grams with pins and antenna, 2.6 grams with heat shrink as well, just 0.9 grams for just the receiver.

Includes 1 receiver, 1 set of 3x4 bent pins, 1 antenna (usually optional for the range needed for combat) and a piece of heat shrink tube.

FS2A diagram

Setup and Binding

Failsafe Setup and Binding

To bind simply power off the receiver, hold the little black button, and power on while holding the button. This will cause the blue LED onboard to flash indicating bind mode. Follow the instructions with your transmitter to bind to this little guy and you’ll be controlling your bot in no time!

To set failsafe behavior, once a transmitter is bound, just hold the button again for a few seconds while sending the signals you want to happen when the radio loses connection.

 For a visual explanation and some advanced radio setup, see here!

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