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Pair of Gears: 12 Tooth, Mod 1, 4mm Bore (for DartBox & More)

Pair of Gears: 12 Tooth, Mod 1, 4mm Bore (for DartBox & More)

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Each package contains two (2) gears, and four (4) set screws!

Looking to make a compact, bulletproof geared drivetrain with DartBox or other 4mm shaft motors? Need a way to drive a lifting arm, saw arm or flipper with DartBox HR? These steel pinion gears are for you! This is a standard 12 tooth mod 1 gear perfect for 4mm shaft motors, including DartBox, BotKits 22mm, Servocity Premium and Econ gearmotors, and more! These gears will lock onto the motor shaft with an included pair of steel set screws 90 degrees apart. These Module 1 gears are compatible with any other Mod 1 gears on the market, or those you can lasercut or 3D print. Blue Loctite (or other medium strength threadlocker) is recommended for use with the set screws. Make sure one set screw is secured on the flat of your motor shaft for ideal torque transfer. CAD Included Here

  • 12 Tooth, Module 1
  • 4mm Bore
  • 14.45 grams each (28.9 gram pair) incl. set screws (0.51 oz / 1.02 oz)
  • 2X M4 set screws in each gear
  • Total Length: 18 mm (0.71 in)
  • Outer Diameter: 14.6 mm (0.57 in)
  • Usable Tooth Length: 12mm (0.47 in) (a.k.a. face width, measured up to set screw)

Note: these gears have a 4mm bore perfect for DartBox Gearmotor 4mm shafts. For 5mm shaft brushless motors, see my 11T 0.8 Mod pinion gears. DartBox gearmotor is not included.


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