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Pair of Gears: 11 Tooth, Mod 0.8, 5mm Bore, Hardened Steel (32 pitch)

Pair of Gears: 11 Tooth, Mod 0.8, 5mm Bore, Hardened Steel (32 pitch)

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Each package contains two (2) pinion gears, two (2) set screws, and one (1) Bondhus 2mm hex wrench for tightening the set screw!

In order to make the best compact robot drivetrain possible, I’ve created this custom hardened steel gear. NEW: Pair with our very own custom 1000kV 2306.5 brushless motors! This is a standard 11 tooth gear custom-made to fit on 5mm shaft motors, including those with M5 threaded shafts. These gears will lock onto the motor shaft with an included alloy steel set screw (a flat should be filed or ground into the shaft). As these are 0.8 module gears they are compatible with 32 pitch ANSI/American gears. The length of the pinion (13.4mm) has been chosen specifically to best fit on 2306 motors I use on the drivetrain for Division and it should be within a couple millimeters of the length of nearly all similar size M5 threaded motor shafts and propeller adapters for brushless motors. It will also work great on smooth 5mm shaft motors. The set screw is located as far back on the gear as possible to provide maximum gear tooth engagement without the risk of cracking the gear when tightened. Blue Loctite (or other medium strength threadlocker) is recommended for use with the set screw. It’s strongly recommended to file or grind a flat onto the shaft where the set screw will bear down. CAD Included Here

  • 11 Tooth, Module 0.8 or 32 DP
  • 5mm Bore
  • 4.38 grams each (8.76 gram pair) incl. set screws
  • M4 x 3mm set screw
  • Length: 13.4mm
  • Outer Diameter: 10.4mm

Note: these gears have a 5mm bore and will not fit on DartBox Gearmotor 4mm shafts without some sort of sleeve adapter. Different gears are available for use with 4mm shafts.

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