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JST RCY Connectors, 20AWG Wire, 2 pairs

JST RCY Connectors, 20AWG Wire, 2 pairs

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Beetleweight or Antweight electrical connectors!

Made with flexible silicone wire, and at 20AWG these have thicker wires than most other JST connectors on the market.

Use these to pair any drive motors with one of our Budget ESCs or other low-current electronics to easily and quickly have removable, repairable, reliable connections to all your motors and more! These are really useful for powering receivers as well, the female plug can directly connect to most receiver power pins. 

These JST connectors are good for about 20 amp burst, and continuous current of around 5 amps for combat robot time scales. These are suitable for use with our DartBox Dragon motors or any of the other DartBox motor lines. If you need continuous current above 5 amps, use XT30U connectors instead! 

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