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MR30 Connectors for Brushless Motors, 1 Pair

MR30 Connectors for Brushless Motors, 1 Pair

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Great for Ant or Beetle Brushless Motors! 

These MR30 connectors are commonly used for robots, drones and quadcopters to make repairing and swapping 3-wire brushless motors easy. MR30 connectors are keyed so they only go in one way, so unlike with 3 separate bullet connectors you won't need to worry about plugging your motor in backwards. MR30 connectors will handle the current for any drive motor up to 3lb robots, and most weapon motors as well. 

These connectors come with a small clip-on black sleeve which can be used to avoid needing heat shrink, but to make the connections shorter and more flexible, or if using wire larger than about 18AWG, you can leave these off. 

One pair weighs around 2.5 grams with the sleeves attached. Two mated connectors are about 20mm long between contacts, or 24mm with sleeves. 

MR30s are designed to work at no more than 30 amps continuous load but will handle burst currents far beyond this.  If your motor draws current over 30 amps continuously, we recommend using 3.5mm bullets or MR60 instead. 

CAD model can be found here uploaded by Bruce Schena.

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