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Combat Robot Servo - 32kg-cm True 200 Degree with Stall Protection

Combat Robot Servo - 32kg-cm True 200 Degree with Stall Protection

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Looking for the perfect servo for your next bot? Look no further!

Most of the 25kg and 35kg servos on the market flat out lie about their specs. Those labeled for 270 degrees barely provide 180, and the torque ratings vary from misleading to flat-out lies. Not only will this servo deliver the angle and torque that it says on the tin, but it’s specially optimized for use in combat robots.

By implementing stall protection, the current draw of this servo will limit itself to about 0.6 amps after it is stalled continuously for more than 8 seconds. Remove the stall condition and after a few seconds, you can expect to get more power once again over and over, without needing to worry about smoking your servo motor!

  • Torque: 32 kg-cm (444 ozf-in, 27.8 lbf-in) @ 8.4V (Full charged 2S LiPo). For best results, pair with our Steel Servo Horn!
  • Voltage: 5-8.4 Volts (you MUST use a Motherboard or BEC to power this servo if your battery is 10V/3S or higher)
  • Current: 0.1 amps idle (typical draw depends on load). Peak/Stall current varies by voltage:
  • 5V, approx 2.7A
  • 7.4V, approx 3.9A
  • 8.4V, approx 4.4A
  • Weight: 66 grams (2.33 oz)
  • Dimensions: Standard 20mm width, full CAD model provided here.
  • Wire length: 100mm (for older 180 degree version, 85mm)
  • No Load Speed: (6V) 0.238sec/60° (42RPM), (7.4V) 0.192sec/60° (52RPM)

Includes all parts pictured including 5 different plastic servo horns, rubber shock isolation mounts, M3 servo spline screw, and four mounting screws.

Expect a proportionally lower current and torque at 5V/6V than 8.4V, this is true of all servos.

Additional Info

Servo with gears showing

Just ‘Cuz Robotics tested a huge range of servos at different price points and found what we probably all knew deep down - almost all of them lie about their torque rating. Looking at eBay and Amazon, whether you pay $20 or $55+, chances are the servo you’re buying won’t provide the torque you think it will, especially with all the nearly identical blue and red 20-35kg variants. Some delivered <80% of their labeled torque at voltages higher than they are designed for! After testing many options and reaching out to the manufacturer who made the best ones, we’re excited to offer the Just ‘Cuz 32kg-cm servo!

Servo drawing

Our testing shows that you can expect 32kg-cm of torque or more when operating this servo with 8.4V to provide this power. This is the same voltage provided from a 2S lipo without a BEC. Furthermore, this servo has a custom controller so standard RC radio equipment will provide a true 200-degree range of motion with the usual 1000-2000us RC signal. No range extender is necessary! Pair with our custom Motherboard for a highly integrated, armed robot!

“How do I design a lifting arm?”

Servo torque is measured in units of torque, which is force * distance. This is actually very intuitive as it’s simply the lifting force provided by an arm of that length. For example, this servo can lift 32 kg with a 1cm arm or 27.77 lb with a 1-inch arm. (This is over 60 pounds with a very short arm! Avoid getting your fingers pinched…) I recommend designing so no more than 70% of the peak torque is needed to lift your target mass at the end of your arm so there is some safety factor in your design - this means at most a 22-inch arm for 1 pound, 7.4-inch long arm to lift 3 pounds, a 5-inch arm to lift 4.5 pounds, etc. 

Warning: While servos are less dangerous than spinning weapons, it is still strongly recommended that a weapon lock be used with servo-powered weapons as it’s easy to create pinch points with servo-lifting arms and saw arms.

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