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Shock Mount DartBox Support CAD

Shock Mount DartBox Support CAD

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Shock Mount your DartBox Drive motors in 3D Printed TPU!

Face mounting motors can work in a pinch, but leaving the heavy weight of the gearbox and motor hanging is never ideal. Use a shock mount like this to fully support the gearbox and motor, and you can even swap out for a spare with no additional screws. No more messing with fiddly M2 mounting screws! 

The latest version of Divison utilizes this exact drive mounting to prevent damage to our 6mm DartBox Viper Drive motor. You can utilize this as-is or modify it for use in plenty of other bots too!  You can 3D print your own parts, or simply use our 3D printing service and we can do that for you. 

This model is FREE when you use code ShockMountCAD at checkout! However, if you would like to support Just 'Cuz Robotics with a donation, you can just check out for the listed price. We will be forever thankful for your donation! 


We recommend using Plastite screws to secure the TPU parts to your lid and chassis. The part is sized such that a 1/2" #8 plastite can hold it from the bottom and 3/4" #6 can work from the top to clamp it together

The wheel model provided is just an example and would require purchasing a wheel hub like this one from GoBuilda and casting urethane wheels yourself in a process I covered in this video. You will need M4 screws to secure the wheel as well. 

More Info

This product is just a CAD model (Computer-Aided Design) - 3D design files that can aid in constructing a robot or part - and not an actual physical product. Nothing will be shipped to you after your purchase. As this must be fabricated by the user with your own 3D printer, we cannot guarantee the design will work with the tolerances of your equipment. Adjustments might be needed for smooth operation. 

The design is available in pretty much every CAD format under the sun and will work with any CAD program that accepts the universal STEP or SAT filetypes (including Solidworks), plus it is native in Autodesk Fusion 360.

  • Fusion 360 Archive
  • Inventor 2009
  • Sketchup
  • IGES
  • SMT
  • STL, OBJ (3D Printer friendly)
  • DWG, DXF (AutoCAD 2D)
  • FBX

This design/item by Seth Schaffer is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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