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SSP 3D Printed Parts (+ Addons)

SSP 3D Printed Parts (+ Addons)

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Stock up on spares, or use these parts for your own designs!

SSP has many 3D-printed components that make it functional yet durable. The wedge mounts, fork mounts, arms, and pivot support are 3D printed with incredibly tough and rubbery Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to withstand the intense impact forces in combat. The motor clamps are printed with carbon-fiber-reinforced Nylon (PA12-CF) for incredible temperature resistance and stiffness. Lifter locks and other parts not used in combat may be PETG or PLA. All parts are printed on the same machines as our 3D Printing Service. If you want to redesign a part and have us print it, click here to learn more!

Additional Info

Note that the exact filaments used, part colors, and part weights may vary due to material availability and tweaks to the print settings. Most parts visible on the outside of SSP should all be the signature bright red color, but pivot support colors will vary, and occasionally wedge mounts might as well.

If you have your own 3D printer, feel free to use our CAD files and print your own spares! You’ll need to figure out what print settings work best for your machine. Most of these parts are printed on our Bambulab X1 Carbon with a 0.6mm nozzle - if you have the same setup use the contact us page and tell us, and we can share our print settings with you.

Part Weights:

  • Standard Arm: 31g
  • Anti-HS Arm: 24g
  • Wedge Mount 2pcs: 43g
  • Fork Mount 4pcs: 29g
  • Motor Clamp Pair: 7g
  • Pivot Support: 4g
  • Lifter Lock: 9g
  • Edge Guard (2 pcs): 4g
  • Side Skirts (1 pair): 66g

For the CAD models of the standard parts, refer to the full SSP robot CAD! To get a model of the Side Skirt, click here

SSP Kit and CAD Design © 2023 by Just 'Cuz Robotics, LLC is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Customer Reviews

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B Young
Side Skirts & More

My printer isn’t working or suited to TPU yet, so I’ve ordered multiple sets of spares and addons from here, and all of them have been great. The print quality is always perfect and the parts have held up really well, after a full event I had to replace a grand total of Zero.

The side skirts are a must as they do their job perfectly. They add just the right amount of armor to keep from getting your sides hit in areas that’ll mess up your drive. They’re also really good at deflecting small horizontals even if you head into the fight with forks.

The fork mounts are also really well made, I took multiple direct hits from verts on them and they were still perfectly useable.

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