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SSP AR500 Parts

SSP AR500 Parts

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All Original AR500 Laser Cut Components!

NEW 7/20/23 - The wedge has been changed to a new V1.1 design without "ears" which makes driving inverted easier, and also allows a spin move while inverted plus raising the arm to self-right. It's also 20 grams lighter than the original. 

  • NEW AR500 Barbed Forks - 0.375” Thick, 121 grams/pair (4.25oz)
  • AR500 Claw Forks - 0.375” Thick, 178 grams/pair (6.28oz)
  • AR500 Lifting Arm Forks - 0.188” Thick, 43 grams/pair (0.152oz)
  • AR500 Wedge V1.1- 0.119” Thick, 265 grams (9.3 oz), slight bevel ground on the bottom edge
  • AR500 Fixed Forks (Discontinued) - 0.375” Thick, 135 grams/pair (4.76oz)

Note, thickness may vary by batch and weights are approximate.

All of these parts have sharp points and edges and may have slight surface rust or scale- this is normal and does not affect the integrity of the parts! This surface can be wire wheeled and then cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to paint. I use Rust-Oleum spray paint & primer to prevent rust over time!

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