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SSP AR500 Parts

SSP AR500 Parts

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All Original AR500 Laser Cut Components!

NEW 7/20/23 - The wedge has been changed to a new V1.1 design without "ears" which makes driving inverted easier, and also allows a spin move while inverted plus raising the arm to self-right. It's also 20 grams lighter than the original. 

Barbed forks are replacing the original fixed forks. The barbed forks are lighter weight and have an easier time avoiding getting stuck under wall seams and floor panel gaps. You can reverse to get out a lot more easily. 

  • NEW AR500 Barbed Forks - 0.375” Thick, 121 grams/pair (4.25oz)
  • AR500 Claw Forks - 0.375” Thick, 178 grams/pair (6.28oz)
  • AR500 Lifting Arm Forks - 0.188” Thick, 43 grams/pair (0.152oz)
  • AR500 Wedge V1.1- 0.119” Thick, 265 grams (9.3 oz), slight bevel ground on the bottom edge
  • AR500 Fixed Forks (Discontinued) - 0.375” Thick, 135 grams/pair (4.76oz)

Note, thickness may vary by batch and weights are approximate.

All of these parts have sharp points and edges and may have slight surface rust or scale- this is normal and does not affect the integrity of the parts! This surface can be wire wheeled and then cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to paint. I use Rust-Oleum spray paint & primer to prevent rust over time!

Customer Reviews

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Brendan Young
AR500 Barbed Forks + Lifting Forks

The lifting forks can take hits and are great at their job. The barbed forks are exceptional (especially at fighting other control bots!), they provide great leverage and are just long enough to outreach many other bots and get under. The barbs help great with keeping the opponent off the floor, and the forks are also durable enough to take direct hits without breaking themselves or damaging the mounts. They’re definitely my preferred front end configuration and it’s worth it to get some spares!

Chad Jones
AR500 Forks & Wedge

Purchased spare Fixed & Claw Forks, Thin & Thick Lifting Arm Forks, and Wedge. Parts received and fit as described. No issues mounting to my bot set up. Forks and Wedge took a beating from spinners but nothing a little filing/grinding couldn't fix. Also prepped metal pieces with wire brush and spray painted, turned out well.

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