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SSP Wheels: 1.75 x 0.5 inch with Integrated Pulleys

SSP Wheels: 1.75 x 0.5 inch with Integrated Pulleys

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Stock up on some spare SSP Wheels, or use them for your own designs!

SSP wheels utilize a 3D printed TPU hub with a cast urethane Shore 40A soft tire for the best combination of grip and durability. Tire color and exact thickness/weight may vary by batch.

Note: Front wheels will come with aluminum bushings for 4mm shafts like our custom Alloy Steel Shoulder Bolts. However, rear wheels come without 12mm hex hubs which must be purchased separately!

Note 5/9/2023: A limited stock of spares is available now, but more are actively being produced.

CAD Models can be found here!


  • 2x Front Wheels + 2x Bushings: ~46 grams
  • 2x Rear Wheels Only: ~42 grams
  • 2x Rear Wheels + 2x Hubs + 4x Set Screws: ~52 grams

SSP Wheel Drawings

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