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High Strength Steel Upgraded DartBox Planet Gears (3 pcs)

High Strength Steel Upgraded DartBox Planet Gears (3 pcs)

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DartBox gearboxes are very durable and lightweight, but sometimes a direct hit to a shaft or too high of a load can still break the teeth on the stock gears. While the standard internal gears are sintered steel and hold up great in most applications, the most demanding situations need something tougher. These upgraded replacement gears are instead machined and hobbed from a single piece of steel and heat-treated to improve their resistance to impact loads. These gears can replace the 3 planet gears for any stage of any DartBox Drive gearbox - all three motors and both shaft size options.

As of October 2023, all new 6mm shaft DartBox gear motors come standard with these stronger gears and a stronger machined carrier plate for the output shaft. These are being phased in with Viper 6mm first and will expand to all 6mm gearmotor options. The first-stage (motor input) gears are still the same as before, but can optionally be replaced with these upgraded gears as well! 

For more info on gear hobbing check out this amazing This Old Tony video!

NOTE: If you have any broken gears and want to do this swap, you will need to remove the existing grease to ensure removal of broken off teeth that can jam up the gearbox. Any typical bearing grease will work, just apply enough to coat the gears (don't fill the whole thing). 

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