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12mm Hex Hubs Pair, Larger 6mm Bore

12mm Hex Hubs Pair, Larger 6mm Bore

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These 6mm Bore Hex Hubs are perfect for your beefy 6mm output shaft motors!

These hex hubs are perfect for mounting wheels or 3D printed custom parts to 6mm motor shafts such as our very own DartBox Gearmotors. Made from strong yet lightweight 6061 aluminum, at 1/3rd the weight of brass or steel, these hubs will fit in well on almost any bot with direct-driven wheels! There are two extra tapped holes for inserting long set screws or normal M4 x 4mm set screws (included) on the hex side to help secure narrower wheels, gears, pulleys, and more. And unique to these hubs is the precision turned 12mm diameter for adding a bearing (sold here) or bushing support to protect otherwise fragile direct-driven wheel setups.
Each package contains two (2) 6mm bore hubs and four (4) M4 x 4mm set screws!

These 6mm hubs support our 6mm shaft upgrade for DartBox Drive or other 6mm shaft motors. They will not work with 4mm shaft motors!
CAD model included here.

These hubs are compatible with:

  • DartBox V2 6mm Shaft Gearboxes
  • Any DartBox Gearmotor with the 6mm shaft upgrade
  • Repeat Drive Max
  • Mega Sparks
  • Any other 6mm shaft motors!


  • Material: 6061 Aluminum, strong and lightweight
  • Total Length: 18 mm (0.71 in)
  • Weight: <5 grams each with two set screws, <10 grams (0.352 oz) per pair!
  • 12mm hex, Precision turned 12mm diameter for bushing or bearing support! (bearings sold separately)
  • 6mm round through bore
  • Includes 4X M4 x 4mm alloy steel set screws
  • Longer set screws (not included) can be used to secure custom wheels, gears, pulleys, etc on the hex end
  • CAD Model Download Here

    Note: these hubs have a 6mm bore perfect for DartBox Gearmotor 6mm shafts. DartBox gearmotors and bearings, and Division are not included.

    Customer Reviews

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    Steven Jack
    Great little hubs

    I've never had any issues with the hex hubs, they just work. I fit them into my own tires because I like more width than the Just Cuz tires. They make your builds easier and stronger.

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