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DartBox V2 HR (107:1): Ultra Torque, High Reduction Gearmotor

DartBox V2 HR (107:1): Ultra Torque, High Reduction Gearmotor

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The King of 3-Stage Gearmotors for beetleweight bots is better than ever!

Bring your lifter, flipper, or hammer saw to a whole new level with this lightweight, compact and powerful 3-stage planetary gearmotor.

CAD for V2 available here.

Utilizing ultra power dense motors custom made for this application, these 22mm High Reduction gearmotors will crush the competition! Lifter, Hammer, Grabber, Flipper, Saw Arm, you name it! When you need low speed and high torque, brushed motors are the way to go. The larger ratio is perfect for a powerful actuator, producing 300+ RPM (>4 revs/sec) at 12V with an absurd amount of stall torque (>350ozf-in!). Note: Stalling these motors can extremely quickly smoke and destroy your motor! Current limiting ESCs are a must-have such as Robotpower Wasps or the Tarakan Dual ESC. Perfect for 3lb “beetleweight” combat robots, and plenty of other applications. Price shown is for one (1) motor + gearbox, assembled.

NEW: Pair with our motor PCBs or custom aluminum mount plates.

Note: stalling the motor for more than a second or two will cause permanent damage. Limit switches can be used with a Wasp ESC to limit travel.

Additional Info

Note: 107:1 and Drive gearboxes use the same shafts, so you can now use a 6mm upgrade kit with your DartBox 107:1 HR!

DartBox V2 HR is a compact, lightweight, incredibly powerful brushed gearmotor solution suitable for 3-pound (1360 gram) Beetleweights, super powered antweights, or non-combat applications. The core of the DartBox is a quality, all-metal 22mm diameter 3-stage planetary gearbox. This is mated to an incredibly powerful custom 130 Viper motor, designed for the best performance per dollar you can buy! With a solid steel 4mm diameter D shaft, and 100% steel gear train, you won’t have to worry about mulching a plastic geared stage, and you get the added durability of a planetary gear reduction, unlike with some cheaper gearbox options. The new version is now 20% lighter with no performance downsides, comes with a longer shaft, and replacement shafts are available as well!

Make sure to cut the shaft to length for your application, and put your load as close to the motor face as possible to put less strain on the shaft and front bushing.


Specs for HR:

  • Weight (HR): 60 grams (2.12 oz) with Viper motor, ~40g gearbox alone
  • Speed (HR): 325 RPM @ 12V
  • Stall Torque (HR):  380+ ozf-in with Viper motor @ 12A (needs testing)
  • Dimensions (HR): CAD Assembly Here
    • DartBox Diameter: 22mm
    • Length: 50mm from face. Gearbox 22.9mm + Motor 27.1mm
    • Shaft: 4mm diameter, 24mm long, steel D shaft
    • 4X M2 Screw mount, 18mm bolt circle

Sizing Lifting Arms: It’s easy to do the math: 16oz = 1lb so 380 ozf-in = 24.75 lbf-in. So even with no added reduction a 5 inch long lifting arm should easily lift 3 pounds. I recommend designing so that you only need 40-60% of the stall torque to lift 3lbs at your given arm length. I also recommend adding a beefy shaft to support your arm and gear or belt to the arm, maybe with an additional reduction as well.

Unlike sensorless brushless motors, brushed motors give you 100% torque from 0 RPM every single time. These motors will pull a ton of current when stalled, producing immense stall torque - until they overheat. Only use DartBox with a suitable current limited Brushed ESC (For now my recommendation is the Bristol Bot Builders 4S 13A ESC, or Robotpower Wasp ESCs. Scorpion Mini dual ESCs may work with two Viper motors, not recommended for Dragon motors.) If you want to know if a given ESC is suitable, use the Contact Us form and ask.
Reminder: These are brushed motors and will NOT work with Brushless ESCs like BlHeli or drone/FPV ESCs.

The motor: The HR gearbox will only be available with the Viper motor, which is still vastly more low-RPM power than any other off-the-shelf 3-stage 22mm gearmotor.

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