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DartBox Pro - Super Tough 24mm Brushed Gearmotors

DartBox Pro - Super Tough 24mm Brushed Gearmotors

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Ultimate Toughness With the Motors You Trust!

DartBox Pro has arrived to take your combat robot to the next level! 

Launch week promo! Buy 2 or more of any DartBox Pro model and save $5 off your order with code LETS_GO_PRO at checkout! Limited to 20 uses, or until Sunday May 12th at 11pm EST. One use per customer. 

DartBox Pro gearboxes are built to last with the best materials available. One-piece, hardened alloy steel 6mm diameter output shaft, dual ball bearing shaft support, machined aluminum outer construction, with all steel internal gears. M3 threaded face mounting, with a lightened square faceplate perfect for keying into a 3D-printed chassis. Motor mount plates with added ribs to keep the motor secure after the biggest impacts, and take shear load off the tiny mount screws. Big module 0.4 planetary gears for greater torque. While these Pro gearboxes are larger than our lightweight DartBox V2 square gear motors, they compensate for that with a vastly more rugged design. 

Built for 3lb “Beetleweight” combat robots, and plenty of other applications. The price shown is for one motor + gearbox, assembled.
Replacement shafts and motors should be available in July 2024.

Powerful ESCs are a must-have such as the Tarakan Dual ESC (2 drive sides) and the upcoming WEKA dual ESC.

If you want some quick and reliable connections for your motors, we recommend pairing these with our breakout PCBs and JST Connectors

For wheel mounting, pair with our, 12mm hex hubs or lightweight 6mm bore Flange Hubs.

Download the CAD Assembly Here!

NOTE: All gearboxes in my first batch in May 2024 were made slightly wrong, with the face plate rotated 45 degrees from how I had intended. I have uploaded a new STEP file CAD model reflecting this. I will update this description when the May batch has sold through and future batches should have the design matching the 2D Drawing.

If you need something lighter weight and smaller, consider our DartBox V2 Square 22mm Gearmotors! A handy comparison chart is below (click the image for the full spreadsheet):

Usage Info and Specs

Usage Info

2X Viper motors can be used with any 3 pound bot, while Dragon motors offer 50% more power for super-fast box rush acceleration, more pushing power, and higher speed at the same torque! These motors will work for heavier non-combat robots as well. The hardened steel output shafts on these motors will easily handle direct-drive applications. These are great for running exposed wheels. 

If you mount a wheel directly to the shaft of these motors, make sure to cut the shaft so it doesn’t stick out! Direct hits to a shaft are the easiest way to break a motor!


  • Weight:
    • 68 grams (2.40 oz) with Viper or Gecko motor
    • 71.2 grams (2.51 oz) with Dragon motor
  • Speed:
    • GeckoV2: 900 RPM @12V/3S, 1200 RPM @16V/4S
    • Viper & Dragon: 1260 RPM @12V/3S, 2000 RPM @16V/4S
  • Stall Torque (measured at 12V):
    • 63 ozf-in with GeckoV2 @ 5A
    • 141 ozf-in with Viper @ 12A
    • 205 ozf-in with Dragon (tested) @ 17.7A
  • Dimensions (Drive): CAD Assembly Here
    • Gearbox Diameter: 24mm
    • Length: 56.5mm from mount face to rear of motor.
    • Gearbox length 27.9mm (2 stage 27:1)
    • Shaft: 38mm long, 6mm diameter alloy steel D shaft
    • 4X M3 Screw face mount, 18mm bolt circle


About Motors & ESCs

The Motors: I have three stock options for motors. GeckoV2, Viper, or Dragon motors.

Gecko motors are designed to be a little more beginner-friendly and are more tolerant of higher voltage (like 16V) use, but are much slower and less powerful than Viper and Dragon motors. Gecko motors are about 67% the speed and have about 40% of the torque of Viper motors. 

Viper motors are fast and affordable but still pretty powerful, while Dragon motors are about 50% more powerful! While Viper and Dragon motors are designed for 3S operation, the Viper can sometimes run on 4S with adequate cooling/airflow. Vipers are the most popular option and offer an amazing price-to-performance ratio.

Unlike sensorless brushless motors often used for drive applications, brushed motors give you 100% torque from 0 RPM every single time. These motors will pull a ton of current when stalled, producing immense stall torque. Only use DartBox with a suitable current-rated Brushed ESC (see the first tab for recommendations).  If you want to know if a given ESC is suitable, use the Contact Us form and ask.

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