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DartBox V2 Drive - Lightweight, Ultra Powerful 22mm Gearmotors

DartBox V2 Drive - Lightweight, Ultra Powerful 22mm Gearmotors

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Lightweight, Durable, Battle Proven Drive Motors

V2 4mm CAD is available here. 6mm stock shaft options! Plus, 6mm Upgrade kits are now available!

DartBox V2 is here with a new and improved yet lighter gearbox design, longer, more durable shafts, custom motors, and all the same awesome power you’ve come to expect! If you were impressed by the drive system on the SSP kit, that’s from our standard Dragon Drive gear motors (4mm shaft). 

Built for 3lb “Beetleweight” combat robots, and plenty of other applications. The price shown is for one motor + gearbox, assembled.
Need replacement 4mm shafts? Look here!

Powerful ESCs are a must-have such as the Tarakan Dual ESC (2 drive sides), our new budget 15A Dual ESC (2 drive sides), Scorpion CL dual ESC (2 drive sides), the Robotpower Wasp (for one drive side) or BBB Beetleweight ESCs.

The 6mm DartBox gearbox is now better than ever, and at a new lower price for Viper and Dragon!

As of November 2023, all 6mm shaft DartBox V2 gearboxes now have much stronger machined steel gears on the output stage. New for May 2024 as well, now the Gecko 6mm will come with billet output shaft + carrier plates to survive even bigger hits without damage! High-strength gears are also for sale here.

If you want some quick and reliable connections for your motors, we recommend pairing these with our breakout PCBs and JST Connectors

Note, the front plate is different for 6mm, you cannot simply buy 4mm replacement shafts for a 6mm motor and vice versa. To swap between them, you need a standard 4mm motor and a 6mm upgrade kit.

Pair with our 6mm shaft upgrade, motor PCBs, custom aluminum mount plates and 12mm hex hubs.

Usage Info and Specs

2X Viper motors can be used with any 3 lb bots, while Dragon motors offer 50% more power for super-fast box rush acceleration, more pushing power, and higher speed at the same torque! These motors will work for heavier non-combat robots as well. Not recommended for direct drive on bots effectively 6 lbs and up - belted or geared is preferred.

If you mount a wheel directly to the shaft of these motors, make sure to cut the shaft so it doesn’t stick out! Direct hits to a shaft are the easiest way to break a motor!

Specs for Drive:

  • Weight (Drive):
    • 54.5 grams (1.92 oz) with Viper 4mm Shaft
    • 56.8 grams (2.00 oz) with Viper 6mm Shaft
    • 57.0 grams (2.01 oz) with Dragon 4mm Shaft
    • 59.3 grams (2.09 oz) with Dragon 6mm Shaft
    • 32 grams (1.13 oz) for bare DartBox Drive gearbox
  • Speed (Drive):
    • 1550 RPM @ 12V/3S
    • ~2000RPM Max @ 16V/4S
  • Stall Torque (Drive):
    • 115 ozf-in with Viper @ 12A
    • 167 ozf-in with Dragon (tested) @ 17.7A
  • Dimensions (Drive): CAD Assembly Here
    • DartBox Diameter: 22mm
    • Length: 46.5mm from face. Gearbox 19.4mm + Motor 27.1mm
    • Shaft: 24mm long, steel D shaft
    • 4X M2 Screw face mount, 18mm bolt circle
    • If paired with 6mm shaft, V2 6mm CAD is here!

About Motors & ESCs

The Motors: I have two stock options for motors. You can go with a Viper, or a Dragon motor. Both of these motors are rated for 35000 RPM at 3S (12 volts), so the Drive 22.5:1 gearbox will be around 1550 RPM max. But the real difference that sets these motors apart is their torque and power. Viper motors are affordable but still very powerful, while Dragon motors are about 50% more powerful!

The core of the DartBox V2 is a custom, all-metal 22mm diameter planetary gearbox with a square ring gear. While DartBox V1 got the name by using dart blaster mod motors, V2 is now using totally custom motors with similar amazing performance. With a solid steel 4mm diameter 24mm long D shaft, and 100% steel gear train, you won’t have to worry about mulching a plastic geared stage, and you get the added durability of a planetary gear reduction, unlike with some cheaper gearbox options. 

Unlike sensorless brushless motors often used for drive applications, brushed motors give you 100% torque from 0 RPM every single time. These motors will pull a ton of current when stalled, producing immense stall torque. Only use DartBox with a suitable current-rated Brushed ESC (For now my recommendation is the Tarakan Dual ESC, our new budget 15A Dual ESC, or Robotpower Wasp ESCs. Scorpion Mini dual ESCs may work with two Viper motors, not recommended for Dragon motors.) If you want to know if a given ESC is suitable, use the Contact Us form and ask.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Skyler Minor
reliable + easy to use

never had one break, even though I was over volting vipers, they are slowly dieing but that is expected with over volting it, plus new ones are 4$, 10/10

Overmatch robor
strong motor

datbox go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I’ve had nothing but success using Just ‘cuz with my robot from school, now I’m building a personal one. 👌🏽

Chad Jones
Lightweight High Torque Brush Motor

Bought a pair of the Dartbox V2 Viper 6mm motors for a tournament and they did not disappoint. Drivetrain set up was 4-WD. The durability of the thicker shaft was noticeable as the wheel assemblies took a lot of impact shots from having the bot thrown into the air and never bent. I used the Scorpion CL Dual ESC with the motors and never had any power issues. I coupled the 6mm Viper shafts with drilled out 12mm hex hubs to complete the wheel assembly. Credit to the torque of these light brush motors for winning the majority of the pushing battles.

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