What Will You Do With Your SSP?


Just 'Cuz Robotics very own modular SSP test bed!

Fight Recap


With an overhead saw and CrashFiesta-like friend. One of the best-dressed SSP kits! Photo credit to JCRB Photography

Ti Die

Beautiful anodized Titanium lid and a nasty vertical spinner

Bean Supreme

Finished top 16 at NHRL only stopped by Jamison Go's Silent X

Performance Anxiety

A top contender in its local circuit with a viscious saw

Jade Komodo

Well decorated with UHMW side armor panels

Tomato Soup

Super well driven and a frequent contender at NHRL

Emotional Dream

Technically not a modified SSP kit, this robot was designed off the SSP CAD with all custom machined parts for its vertical spinner module and chassis


Its a render for now but this grabby boi will be sure to impress!

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